Best Baby Doll Stroller Reviews

Maybe you’ve looked for a baby doll stroller already and feel completely overwhelmed. Perhaps your child is begging you for their own stroller, but you don’t know where to start.

This article is here to guide you through the process of buying a baby doll stroller. We will point out the many considerations that should go into making your final decision.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about safety, price and quality. Rest assured, all of those important considerations will be covered.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be well prepared to pick out and purchase the right baby doll stroller for your child!

 Why Should You Buy a Baby Doll Stroller for Your Child?

Children love having a baby doll stroller to push their dolls and toys around. Having a baby doll stroller allows a child to feel like a grown up.

They learn to cultivate a sense of caring for another person. Being in charge of a baby doll and a baby doll stroller allows a young child to have a sense of independence and self-pride.

As a result, the baby doll stroller continues to be one of the most popular toys on the market. Almost everyone has a memory of pushing their baby dolls and toys in a stroller.

Today’s children are no exception. Everyone wants a baby doll stroller! The continued popularity of American Girl dolls and other babies means that the stroller will continue to be a classic children’s toy. You can’t go wrong with a baby doll stroller for your little ones.

Today’s Baby Doll Stroller Products Are Unique

Having a baby doll stroller is a rite of passage for children. In the past, baby doll strollers all looked the same and seemed a bit boring. However, today’s baby doll strollers have many options and exciting, new features.

Some baby doll strollers have swiveling wheels and storage bags. Others come with canopies and seatbelts. Some even have removable beds and bassinets. Some strollers fold down for easy storage, while others are fixed in place.

While baby doll strollers used to only be available in pink, today’s baby doll strollers come in a variety of colors. Some are even blue or neutral.

Some strollers are eye-catching with bold fabrics and prints. Others are more subdued. Many look more like actual strollers designed for real-life kids.

With so many baby doll strollers on the market, it can be hard to know what to buy for your child. This article will give you helpful tips and pointers so that you pick out just the right baby doll stroller for your child.

Baby Doll Strollers: They’re Not Just for Little Girls Anymore

In the past, baby doll strollers were always geared exclusively towards little girls. However, many little boys also wanted the opportunity to have this special toy.

In recent years, toy makers have realized this and have provided strollers to consumers that aren’t so overtly feminine. As a result, there are several baby doll strollers available that would make any little boy happy.

Parents of little boys might want to consider darker colored baby doll strollers or ones with print. There are also some excellent wooden baby doll strollers that might appeal to little boys.

Baby Doll Stroller Criteria: Safety Always Comes First

Picking out the appropriate baby doll stroller is a definite responsibility. When shopping for a baby doll stroller, parents should carefully consider quality, price and the individuality of the child.

In terms of safety, parents should examine any baby doll stroller to make sure that the stroller does not easily fold or snap up. If it does, the stroller could pinch the child’s fingers, causing upset or injury to the child.

Parents should also make sure that young children do not use the baby doll stroller as an actual stroller.

These strollers are made just for toys and dolls, not kids! Children should not push each other in these baby doll strollers. Parents should definitely never use them in place of actual strollers.

Baby Doll Stroller Criteria: Price and Quality Make the Difference

When thinking about price, be aware that baby doll strollers range in price. Some are less than ten dollars while others are more than fifty dollars.

The very inexpensive baby doll strollers are often made of cheaper plastic and parts and often don’t last very long. Most won’t fold up. The seats often rip easily.

Quality baby doll strollers, on the other hand, have nylon seats that won’t rip or fray as easily. Many strollers have swiveling wheels allowing for more control and stability.

Most baby doll strollers even have seat belts now so the child’s toys don’t fall out all over the street. Baby doll strollers that have seat belts have a dual purpose as they also teach young children about the importance of proper safety and buckling up.

Baby Doll Stroller Criteria: Individuality Shines Through

When choosing a baby doll stroller, parents should consider their child. It is worthwhile to think about what stroller seems right and appropriate for them.

What does your child like? If your child loves princess items and is very girly, consider a British pram style. A baby doll stroller that is pink is also an excellent choice.

If your little boy wants a stroller, consider getting a more gender neutral baby doll stroller. Take the time to look for one that is even one geared directly towards boys.

If your child is rambunctious and athletic, consider getting a baby doll stroller that is durable and strong.

There are many that go easily over curbs, dirt and other bumps. It might be worthwhile to invest a little more money into a higher quality baby doll stroller.

With so many strollers on the market, you should be able to find one that fits perfectly for your child and their life.

Is a Baby Doll Stroller the Right Toy for my Child?

Nearly every child can benefit from having a baby doll stroller. Even at a very young age, children can learn about responsibility.

Children learn nurturing from taking care of their baby dolls and pretending to be a parent. Baby doll strollers encourage these important goals.

A baby doll stroller also allows children to emulate their parents. Kids love to play at being grown-ups and having their own stroller allows them to do this safely.

Strollers also encourage children to use their imagination and to play. Instead of simply staring at a television screen or a computer, a baby doll stroller gives children the opportunity to come up with stories in their head. They can use their stroller to imagine life as a mommy or daddy.

Baby Doll Strollers Get Kids Active and Moving

Pushing a baby doll stroller gets a child in motion! So many of today’s children are inactive and stay indoors.

They tend to spend a lot of their time staring at computer or television screens. Pushing their dolls and toys in a stroller gets a child moving with physical activity.

Very high quality and durable baby doll strollers can even act as walkers for smaller children. These little tikes are usually still unsteady on their feet.

Under the supervision of a watchful parent, young children can take their first steps holding onto the handle of their very own baby doll stroller.

In short, almost every child can benefit from having a baby doll stroller.

Tips to Remember When Picking Out Baby Doll Strollers

  1. Take a good look at your child’s dolls. Are they small or large? A popular baby doll size now is 18 inches. Make sure that the baby doll stroller you pick out can accommodate your little one’s favorite baby doll. No one wants to come home from the store and find that the stroller they’ve picked out doesn’t fit the child’s favorite toy. Save yourself the time and measure carefully first.
  2. Consider whether the baby doll stroller you’ve picked out comes assembled or needs to be put together at home. If you’re not good with tools or find instructions to be confusing, perhaps you should pick a baby doll stroller that comes from the factory fully assembled. However, even strollers that require some assembly are generally very easy to put together, requiring just a small amount of time and patience and very few tools.
  3. Read reviews online. Consider other people’s experiences with particular baby doll strollers. If you find that certain baby doll strollers have lots of negative feedback, consider looking at other brands and models. Take your time.
  4. Talk to your friends. See what baby doll strollers they picked out for their children. How did they go about picking their baby doll stroller out? Ask them if they have any regrets or if they would wholeheartedly endorse their baby doll stroller for your child.
  5. Remember your budget! If you don’t have $100 to spend on a baby doll stroller, don’t worry! There are many models to choose from that are very affordable without sacrificing quality. After all, what really matters is that your child feels special and has a fun toy to interact with.
  6. Remember that baby dolls don’t come with most strollers. You’ll have to buy one for your child! Leave a little extra in your budget for a new baby doll to ride in the stroller.
  7. Have fun! Remember, picking out toys is supposed to be fun! Use the opportunity to bond with your child as you pick out this exciting new toy.

How Old Should a Child be when they get a Baby Doll Stroller?

Most children become interested in baby doll strollers as they become able to pull themselves up and walk. However, age three is the age that most children begin to really interact with and use their baby doll stroller.

By age three, children are steadier on their feet. They can understand what a baby doll stroller is and appreciate it much more.

By the time children are four and five, they will be actively using their baby doll stroller. Be prepared for children to want to take their stroller everywhere, every day.

Remember that even after your child outgrows playing with their baby doll stroller, it can still be used to store toys in their bedroom.

You might hand it down to a younger sibling or neighbor or friend. It can also be donated to a nursery school that may be in need of toys for children.

When is a Good Time to Purchase a Baby Doll Stroller?

A great time to get a baby doll stroller is at your baby shower. If you know that you are going to have a little girl who will grow up to love dolls, register for a baby doll stroller before the baby is even born.

Pick out and register for a baby doll stroller on a website, and make sure your friends and family know that you want your child to have a special one. Get ready to be surprised at your baby shower!

Another great time to get a baby doll stroller is for the child’s birthday. One idea is to have the stroller already assembled and waiting for the child when they come in.

Or wheel the baby doll stroller in as a special surprise gift for your child. You could even hide the stroller under a sheet and have your child try to guess what is underneath.

They will be thrilled when they find out that they have their very own stroller.

Of course, Christmas is always a perfect time to give a child the gift of a baby doll stroller. It may turn out to be their favorite Christmas gift!

Reviews of the Best Baby Doll Strollers Available

There are many options when it comes to baby doll strollers. With so many available models, it can be an overwhelming experience to pick out a baby doll stroller for today’s kids. Rest assured, though — there is certainly one that will fit for your particular child.

Picking a baby doll stroller can be confusing. To help you out, we’ve reviewed some of the various strollers on the market.

Some are less expensive than others. Some come with more “bells and whistles.” Some baby doll strollers are top of the line and have a price tag to match.

By the end of these reviews, you should feel confident in picking the best baby doll stroller for your little one, your expectations, and your wallet.

Badger Basket Three Wheel Doll Jogging Stroller

This is a quality baby doll stroller for the price. If you are not able to spend a lot of money on a stroller but you still want your child to have a fun toy, this is a stylish and very affordable product.

The three wheel design gives this baby doll stroller a sporty feel; in fact, it might look familiar to many parents because it was designed to look just like an adult jogging stroller.

An added benefit to this stroller is the fabric canopy that provides shade to keep the sun off of your child’s favorite baby doll.

In short, this is a baby doll stroller that most anyone can afford and which will certainly make any child smile with sheer delight.


  • Stylish, three wheel design
  • Big enough for the popular American Girls doll baby dolls
  • Features a wide fabric canopy
  • Has a seat belt for toy safety
  • Colorful pink gingham fabric


  • Instructions may be a bit difficult for some to understand
  • May not be appropriate for a very young child due to handle height

Mommy & Me Baby Doll Stroller

This brightly colored baby doll stroller will certainly turn heads when your little one pushes their dolls around town.

With its sturdy wheels, this baby doll stroller will go wherever your child ventures, whether it is over sidewalks, on grass or across the playground.

Taking its design from popular adult jogging strollers, this stroller will make your child feel like a real grown-up.

The only drawback to this particular baby doll stroller may be the stationary front wheel which may make steering and quick turns difficult for your little one.

An added benefit to this stroller is the free carriage bag that comes along with the stroller so that your child can carry any necessities.

This stroller also folds flat for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

This baby doll stroller is readily available online.


  • Attractive and flashy magenta pink and black color
  • Realistic food tray
  • Holds an 18 inch doll


  • Stationary front wheel

Graco Dynamo Baby Doll Stroller

While other baby doll strollers we reviewed featured a three wheel design, this stroller has the classic four wheel design of a more traditional stroller.

Although this baby doll stroller is not the cheapest stroller on the list, it comes with many attractive features that add significant value and charm.

This a very good, mid-range baby doll stroller that any child will love. Its cheerful pink patterned fabric is bright and easy to spot outdoors, too.

Your child will love having this stroller, and parents will love the easy, breezy assembly.


  • Retractable canopy to shade a baby doll
  • Food tray
  • Holds dolls up to 18 inches


  • Does not fold up
  • Front wheels do not swivel

My Sweet Princess Deluxe Pram by Mommy & Me Doll Collection

This is a high end baby doll stroller, to be sure! Designed to look like a classic British pram, your child will feel like a princess as she pushes this magnificent baby doll stroller. Rest assured: your child will truly stand out when they push their toys in this special stroller.

This certainly isn’t the cheapest baby doll stroller on the market. However, this pram is truly an original. This is the stroller that a princess would use and that children dream about.

Be prepared to be “Parent of the Year” when you bring this baby doll stroller home!

This stroller also has ample room below for storage.


  • Looks like an actual English pram
  • Comes with a free carriage bag for storage
  • Top quality
  • Lightweight


  • Some assembly required at home
  • Wheels do not swivel

My First Doll Stroller By Doll Strollers Pro

This baby doll stroller has something that few others do: a lift-out carry bed! This means that your child can take her baby doll everywhere! Every little girl will want to push her baby dolls around in this handsome, pink stroller.

This baby doll stroller even features a large, underneath storage area for bottles, blankets and other necessary items. This stroller is designed to look like one for a real baby!

Parents will also appreciate the sturdy rubber handles that allow your child to have a good grip as they navigate.


  • Large fabric canopy for shade
  • Large six inch wheels
  • Folds up easily
  • Metal frame with plastic components


  • No real cons noticed, this is a great product

HABA Doll Pram

This is the highest quality baby doll stroller. The HABA doll pram is an heirloom quality piece with solid wood construction.

Crafted in Germany, this stroller is made of beech wood and stained with non-toxic water-based stains. It is sturdy, durable and is a baby doll stroller to be passed down from generation to generation.

While this baby doll stroller is expensive, it has a classic design that has stood the test of time. This is a piece that will be with your family for years to come.

Parents should note that this stroller comes fully assembled.


  • Fluffy, soft cushions
  • Rubber wheels that do not damage floors
  • Sturdy so it even acts as a walker for toddlers and young walkers
  • Adjustable handle to two positions


  • Price may be more than many parents want to spend on a baby doll stroller

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